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Time For Print - TFP

TFP or time for print means that you get prints for your time modelling. In a TFP shoot, no money changes hands. The model doesn’t get an hourly or session fee, and the photographer doesn’t get an hourly fee, a session fee, or any pay for providing the model with prints and/or digital images (the “CD” part – usually the model gets a CD-R with her image selection burned onto it.)

The amount of images you get, the size, and when you will receive them, depends on the photographer, and is something you need to discuss with he/she individually.

As to whether you will get modelling pictures (headshots, body shots, etc) is completely dependent on how well you communicate your needs to the photographer.

You may get makeup, hairstyling, and fashion styling on a TFP, or you may not. Chances are that you will get none of the above.

You will not get comp cards. You may not even get digital versions of your images with which to make comp cards on your own. You may have to get your prints scanned in to get digital images, to then create comp cards.

Be aware that TFP may also mean that you will not always get something that is useful to you. However, if you have almost zero camera time, it's great no matter what. You need images, and you need to relax. You need to learn how to behave in front of a camera.

Notice that most of the photographers that offer this service are amateurs as well, they need you as much as you need them. But this does not mean that he/she is a bad professional. Although many pros will do a TFP shoot with an amateur model (or an amateur photographer) who can’t pay their usual rates but whose look or previous work the professional finds intriguing.

Now, if you are willing to pay each team member, you would have much more control over the shoot, and you'd have a team much more motivated to care what they achieved for you.

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