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Is your diet affecting the beauty of your skin?

Do you know that your diet could affect your appearance? And I am not talking about how much you weight. The food you eat may interfere in the way your skin look so we have planned a little guide to help you cut down all the food that might be jeopardizing your look.

Our body needs carbohydrates, proteins and fats to function correctly and healthy but if consumed in big quantities, some foods can make your skin look dry, give you acne, lack of elasticity and colour.

Protein is essential for our health, but protein, combined with trans-fatty acids and saturated fats will not help you at all. Sausage, bacon and ground beef are the products that contain this harmful combination. This trio is bad for your skin as they will accelerate the aging processes and give your wrinkles earlier than you imagined.  

Be careful of the glucose levels in your blood as they give the perfect condition for skin damaging effects and inflammations to emerge.  Pasta, baked beans and raisins are the products that can suddenly raise glucose levels in blood. Although beans and other legumes contain vitamins and beneficial minerals, baked and canned beans are prepared with ingredients that affect glucose levels badly.

Foods like cake, bread, sugar, cereal, full-fat ice cream are categorized as high glycemic ones. This means they have a lot of carbohydrates that are digested quickly after consuming. Food that has a high glycemic index can induce acne. Why not change these for low glycemic foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Alcohol doesn't do any favour for your skin as well, as it forces the body to dehydrate. The more fluids you lose the more dry your skin becomes. Furthermore, regular drinkers have liver problems that influence the health of skin, not mention even worst health problems.

If you eat any of the above items regularly it might be the time to re-think your diet. The food on your plate might be bad not only for your health but also for your career.

To avoid abrupt changes try to change your habits slowly, this way you and your body can get used to be healthier.    


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