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From Models Connect to the world. Who are The Shining Stars of Models Connect? Find out more about them!

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theo_300 Name: Theadora Luty

Age: 15

Thea is one of the big promises of the fashion modelling business. She has recently joined Models Connect and was promptly invited to be the cover of MC Magazine, Brazil. She has joined Zone Models and has been sent for numerous castings since then. Her biggest dream is to make it to the catwalk and she guarantees she will make it before her 16th birthday.
harry_300 Name: Harry Mugford

Age: 19

Determined to succeed, Harry has always shown his commitment to modelling. After joining Models Connect and shooting his portfolio at Spot Studio he made the cover of MC Magazine, Party issue. He is signed with M&P Models and has already done some work for Calvin Klein. He is looking forward to make modelling his full time job and is focusing all his energy on the upcoming campaign of Gio Goi, which he is hoping to get.

mark1_300 Name: Mark Evans

Age: 23

Mark was one of the hot bodies of the Man-ia issue. After joining Models Connect, Mark is taking some time off to focus on his professional exams for his Accountancy course but is determined to make modelling a profitable part time job.

mark_300 Name: Mark Dearmun

Age: 20

Mark signed with Evolution Models just after being featured at MC Magazine Man-ia issue. With a great portfolio in hands, Mark decided to take some time off before going for a professional career. He will be travelling the world for 6 months but can be sure to find a promising modelling career when he gets back!
ryan_300 Name: Ryan Darvill

Age: 18

Ryan was featured in the Brazil Issue of MC Magazine, just a couple of months after joining Models Connect. Ryan is signed with Cape London.

Name: Rebecca Long

Age: 17

Rebecca was the face and body of MC Magazine Summer Issue in 2007 and after that her modelling career has been running smoothly. Rebecca has just finished a shoot for Vanessa da Silva’s spring/summer campaign and a work for Lewisham Town Council. While she is still on the search for model agencies she is also looking forward to her University years. Her biggest dream is to become a doctor!

jordan_300 Name: Jordan Grigg

Age: 17

Jordan is the face of the fashion editorial Orlando in the Black issue of MC Magazine, just after the shoot she was invited by Sapphires Model Agency for an interview and has recently signed with them
Name: Danny Tomlinson

Age: 20

Danny is the living proof that your contacts can do wonders for you in the modelling business. After joining Models Connect, Danny was invited to model for MC Magazine, in the Man-ia issue. After that, Danny has done shoots for several company websites, advertising for the Ginch Gonch underwear brand in Selfridges, has catwalked for a fashion show and recently has had 2 shoots for 2009 calendars.

matthew_300_02 Name: Matthew Pratt

Age: 22

Matthew has just catwalked in Barcelona for the latest campaign of the clothing brand Drunken Monkey and could not be more excited. He has also signed with Fresh Agents in London but is still looking to join more agencies.
wade_300 Name: Wade Jackson

Age: 22

Another hottie of the MC Magazine, Man-ia issue, Wade has recently moved to US where he hopes to break into the American market. Back in UK he signed with Fresh Agents.

chris_300 Name: Chris Wilkins

Age: 19

Chris is the perfect example of a successful male model. After joining Models Connect and being sent for a shoot at Spot Studio, Chris joined Zone Models in London and Joy Models in Milan. Since then he has been travelling non-stop. He has worked for Prada, catwalked for Andrew Mckenzie and Marithe Francois Girbaud in Milan. He is now getting ready to launch his career in Asia and is already confirmed for the Milan catwalks in the summer.

simon_300 Name: Simon Day

Age: 26

Simon's body was on the pages of MC Magazine, Man-ia issue. Simon is now taking some time off modelling but hopes to keep on working as a model on a part time basis.


Name: Sonia Yasmin Ali

Age: 25

Sonia is the perfect example of success. Signed with 9 agencies, Sonia is a non-stop worker. She has catwalked for BBC2, was featured in 50 Cent music video, was shot for the 2008 Ferrari calendar and was in the Tresemme commercial, just to mention a few.
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