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The company that represents models, actors and talents of any kind (extras, dancers, TV presenters etc). A modeling agency is responsible for representing and promoting its signed models to its clients and booking jobs for them. A modeling agency will usually handle all of the business side of a models life, including dealing with contracts, organizing jobs and certain travel and dealing with payment for jobs. Reputable agencies will not charge you to sign up with them. If they believe that you have what it takes to become a model then they will not demand any money from you upfront (expect to pay for your own expenses though, such as the printing of comp cards, the cost of your model book and any test shoots organized for you, often agencies will cover it for you and then deduct it from future earnings with them.)

Whatever the model stands in front of during a photo shoot. Often during a studio shoot this will be of various colours or white, made of thick paper which has been rolled down from the ceiling to the floor under the model's feet.

Beauty shot
A close-up shot of part or all of the face, these shots are often used for make-up or cosmetic jobs, and can give good variety for a model's portfolio.

The times when an agency cannot book a model because of other commitment (e.g. on holiday)

Composite (‘Comp') Card
Also referred to as a comp card, zed card or model card. A comp card is a piece of card or paper printed with a variety of different photos of you. It includes your name, your agency's contact information, and all your stats (height, shoe size, eye color etc). Agencies will print these for you as soon as possible after you have signed with them.

Contact Sheet
A photographic print out of all the photos which have been taken during the shoot, this is also referred to as a ‘Proof sheet'. From this the creative team will decide which photos are best and which to print in a larger size.

The person who helps a model to dress on a catwalk show and makes sure that pieces of clothing are put on properly. Dressers are essential backstage on catwalk shows because of the often chaotic conditions.

This is the session that occurs before a fashion show or photo shoot where the model and client meet, try on all the clothes and have them fitted to the models body, this can often be quite a long process but is essential for fashion shows and certain photo shoots.

Freelance Model
A model who does not have an agency and finds jobs for him/herself.

The appointment made by an agency for one of their models to ‘Go See' a potential client.

Head Shot
A clear photograph (often a Polaroid) showing just the head of a model or actor.

Anywhere other than a studio (e.g. in a field / on a beach) where you will be for a particular job, either film or photographic.

Model Release
A legal document provided by the client/photographer and signed by the model or model's agent. This contract gives the photographer/client the right to use the photographs taken during this sitting for whatever use is specified on the release, as this is a legal document always make sure that you thoroughly read it!

New Face
A brand new model who has just started working with an agency.

Photographic Release
A contract signed by the photographer which allows the model or model's agency to use the photograph(s) taken by him for a specific use (e.g. agency website)

Also called a Book or Model's Book. A notebook containing a collection of the model's best photographs (usually size 8"x10") and tear sheets. Model agencies will usually provide these, stamped with the agency logo for all of their models, but you should expect to cover this cost yourself.

Someone who works either for or on behalf of different model or talent agency, finding new faces, often through approaching people on the street.

Time For Prints (TFP)
An arrangement between the model and photographer whereby they work for each other to gain prints for their books or test out new ideas, and there is no money involved. The photographer provides a selection of prints from the photo shoot in return for the model's time on the day.

Tear Sheet
The actual page torn from the magazine a model appeared in. Models put their tear sheets in their portfolios. Tear sheets are often favoured more than printed photos as they show that the model is already generating money from commercial jobs.

Test Shoot
When a model and photographer work together either on their combined portfolios or a new idea to be tested out. Test shoots are essential for new models starting out as they show how the model can perform in a professional environment.

This relates to the way in which the image of the model will be used, the more usages that given job has (e.g. magazine ads, billboards, bus stops etc) the more money the model will get.

‘Z' or Zed Card
See Composite Card

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