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How it works

It only takes few simple steps for you to fulfil your model dream.

It is really simple:

1) You register with Models Connect
Upload 2 pictures (as the ones you see below) and complete your features

2)       We call you and We listen
    We establish what your needs are
    We talk these through with you
    We decide together what your next step is ...
So...what's in it for us?

We offer paid for and free services. We can help you organise your portfolio, Z cards, websites to promote yourself and much more.

Our free services include online website profile, our online help desk, our online advise pages and our forum where you can chat to like minded models.

Read About our successful members:


Note that if you fail to upload your photos and fill in all the information on your profile within 7 days, your account will be terminated. As we receive more than 2000 applications per month it is crucial that we prioritise only the serious candidates.

Our clients scan the database for new faces daily and if you match their criteria - for example you have the height or dress size that they are looking for - then your profile will appear in their search among many other models with same statistics. You might come up in the search but the client might not click on your photo.
In case they see your profile and they want to contact you they can do so by sending you an email or a message via our website.

But if you do not want to wait for an agency to contact you (and you should not just wait!) you can use our website to manage your own career. You can send your gallery photos and details to anyone you like and have your own webpage hosted on our website. It is a simple and easy tool that can help you build your modelling career.

Joining Models Connect is easy

Simply fill in our registration form online and upload at least 2 pictures, one face shot and one full body shot.

Why Models Connect?

MC gives you the opportunity to raise your modelling profile regardless of your experience, whether you are totally new to the modelling world or you are looking to boost your career.

  • By joining Models Connect you get access to professionals from the world of fashion, advertising and media who are looking for talents and new faces
  • Our clients scan our database every day in search for new faces. We offer regular updates of new members matching their selection criteria. So you become instantly visible to them!
  • Models Connect gives you advice and connections with the relevant players on the market. This puts you in a solid position to face the competition and avoid the scams
  • Models Connect is easy to use and saves you time: once you have entered all the details in your profile, you will be automatically updated when a client shows interest in you
  • Models Connect is safe. You can only be contacted by trusted partners and accredited agencies
  • Models Connect has an international team of professionals with a complementary set of skills to guide you on your career path

Apply to be a model - Join for free today!
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[img] "If it wasn't for the Models Connect team - especially Faisal Bajwa, I would not know the first thing about modelling..."
Adam Mace
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