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Before boarding

If possible, try and get a seat with as much leg room as possible. Get an aisle seat if you can, so that you can walk up and down the plane without disturbing others; the threat of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) on long haul flights makes exercise a must if you are on a long journey.

Make sure that you know what documents are required to get to where you are going. Even when travelling in Europe you should take your passport, as you are usually required to have a photo ID. If you are going further check whether you need a visa and ensure that you have enough time to obtain one or you could get turned away at the airport. Your agency might be able to arrange these details for you. Check if you need any vaccinations or other medication before you go. In some cases, you need to be treated some time before you depart, so you must make sure you are aware of any requirements.

Once in the plane

You will need to drink plenty of water to make up for the water loss on the plane as plane travels can get you dehydrated. If you are expected to get to work as soon as you get off the plane a high water intake will keep your skin looking good, and keep you refreshed. Avoid caffeine or alcohol, and get plenty of rest.

Take some cleanser, toner and moisturizer in your hand luggage so that you can look after your skin. Travel without make-up, or with only very light make-up; the heat of the plane or train will make you uncomfortable.

If you are crossing time zones you need to try to avoid any jet-lag. Try setting your watch for the local arrival time. It is surprising how much of a psychological effect that can have. Also try not to sleep until it is night time. Sleeping during the day will just mean that you are awake at night, and you won't be looking your best in the morning. If you are flying on an overnight flight, avoid the meals, use eye covers and sleep as much as you can so that you arrive reasonably refreshed.

When you arrive

Try to find out what is the language of the country you are going to work in and check if the client and photographers speak your language. It pays to make an effort with the language of other countries, especially if your client and photographer are native to the country you are going to. It shows consideration and professionalism if you can interact, even at a basic level, in another language, and may be the key to getting re-booked.

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