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Make up guide
The first lesson to know about make up and skin care is that: You are the only one responsible for how you look.
Your daily habits and diet are determinant to your skin.
But no one is immune to the signs of the time, spots, excessive hair or any other skin condition that might put your look down.
Even the most beautiful models face skin problems, so the trick is to learn how to beat these imperfections with make up.
Before applying any make up on your skin do not forget to clean, tone and moisturize your face (including lips), neck and ears.
By now you should know your skin type and have specific products for it.
Essentials Tools you need to have before starting your make up
Brushes to apply the make up. There are different brushes for everything: powder, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow.

Eye curler

Powder puff

Tweezers to remove the unwanted eyebrow hair

Cotton buds to remove excess and cleaning wipes
Basic make up
Foundation: it can liquid, cream or powder.

Liquid: it is more natural, perfect if you don't have spots or many imperfections in the skin

Cream: Not recommend to oily skins but has a better adherence. Freckles, spots and uneven, patchy skin areas can be covered more easily.

Powder: If you have wrinkles or oily skin, go for a powder foundation. Wet the sponge for more skin coverage and leave it dry for a more natural look.

*Before choosing your foundation tone, test it on your neck or arm. Apply the tone you think suits you best and than wait for 15 minutes to see if you were right. The air and the oil of your skin interfere on the results, that is the reason of the 15 minutes gap.

Concealer: it can be liquid, as a pencil, stick or cream. When using the cream or liquid version you will have more freedom to control the intensity.
A good tip is to have different tones of concealers as this will help you to work with the shadows and light points. An example is to cover a spot. If you use a light tone of concealer the spot is going to stand out but if you use a darker one it will become more subtle. *Remember: light brings up and dark pushes down, hides!

Powder: your ally to fix the make up on your skin. If you are not sure on which colour to choose go for the invisible one! It is also important to have one that is tones above your skin tone

Mascara: one black and one brown

Blush: One cream and one opaque. It is a good idea to have different shades as well. The pink or peach will give you a healthy look, the bronze is perfect for a night make up.

Shadows: It does not matter the colours you have as long as you have a brown and peal shades as they are the basic of any make up

Highlighter or shimmer. To highlight and bring life to your face best points

Eye pencil: one black and one brown

The Face
It is time to begin your make up. With the skin clean and moisturized start to apply the foundation. You can use a brush, a sponge or you fingers, it doesn't matter. Don't forget to apply the foundation in your neck and ears if they are going to be visible as well.

Use the concealer to cover spots and any dark areas you might have including the eyes area. Remember to keep it subtle. The make up is a trick, try do make it invisible to others

The next step is to use the powder to fix the foundation. You can opt for using a brush of the powder puff.

With the skin ready is the time to work with the shadows to create the contour of your face. Note the brown and white lines as they represent where you should apply the make up. The white lines is where you are going to apply the shimmer and the brown lines is where you should apply a blush or powder that is 2 tones above your skin tone.

Once your contour is ready your face will have a defined face.

face face face face
face face face
Moving on to the eyes, use the curler to curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara. When applying the mascara start from the bottom eyelashes and then move to up ones.
Tip: Apply some shimmer on the middle of the top eye lids and on the corner of the eyes!
Some people do not recognize the importance of the eyebrow but I can tell you that they are the frame of your eyes. So make sure they look good.
To know where you eyebrow arch should be use a pencil or bush to measure the distance. Place the pencil next to the base of your nose and Draw a thick line with an eye pencil following the shape of your eyebrow and then remove with a pair of tweezers the unwanted hair that is outside the drawing. If you are not sure of how to do it look for a professional that will be able to help when shaping your eyebrow.

Remember that if you have separated eyes your eyebrows should be more close to each other and if you have close eye the eyebrows should be more separated from each other

eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows
How you apply the blush and the intensity depends on the look you want to produce and the format of your face.
But if you do not want to go wrong just apply a little bit in the prominent cheeks. To do so smile and with a brush apply the blush as you see in the picture.
This will give a healthy look.

If you need or want to make your lips more symmetrical a good tips is to use a lip pencil that can also be used as lipstick. To make the transition mix the pencil with some moisturizer or lip gloss in your hand and then use a small brush to apply in the lip. In case you don't like to use lipstick a natural gloss has a great effect.

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