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Plastic surgery: should you or shouldn't you?

Britain might not be as plastic surgery driven as America or Brazil, but the British are definitely getting more and more worried bout their looks, last year (2006), 690,000 people in Britain had plastic surgery. Within the modelling world plastic surgery and beauty treatments are a reality. With the pressure that many models are under to conform to a certain look, many girls turn to plastic surgery to help them achieve their modelling dreams.

It's not uncommon for photographers, agents and stylists to suggest that a model undergoes some form of plastic surgery; suggestion that is sometimes happily accepted by the girls who think that the surgery would make a difference to their career. Besides the obvious financial costs, there are several things you will need to consider before embarking on changing your natural looks forever.

Before you commit to any surgery, make sure you talk it over with family and consult different surgeons. You must be absolutely sure that this is something you want to do. Take the time to talk to other people in your industry who have, and have not, chosen to have plastic surgery. Don't forget that this is surgery, and that it is never risk-free.

Choosing a surgeon is one of the most important parts of the procedure. Your surgeon must be fully qualified, accredited and regulated by the appropriate bodies in your country. He or she should be willing to show you photographs of their previous work and put you in touch with patients who can give you references. Talk to your chosen surgeon at least a couple of times before committing to the surgery, so that you feel comfortable with them, and you have a proper understanding of what will happen in your case.

If you decide to go for a plastic surgery make sure you follow all the correct procedures before and after the operation to minimize the recovery time and the post-surgical side effects like pain, blood cots, bruises and swollenness.

Depending on the procedure you are undergoing, you will need to plan recovery time. This could impact on your working schedule and you may have to turn down go-sees and other jobs while you recover. You'll need to make sure you have the finances to cover this recovery period, and that your agency knows as soon as you are able to return to work.

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