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To succeed in the modelling business is not an easy task. It takes time, effort and a lot of work to reach a comfortable position as a model and to be recognized in the industry.

Fashion models are constantly the main inspiration for female and male models who want to start up a modelling career.

Fashion models are well known for their beautiful faces, amazing bodies and fat bank accounts, but to make it as a fashion model, you will have to work hard and follow some basic steps, whether you are a female model or a male model.

Note that male models and female models have to fulfil different requirements and that fashion models are not the only ones to have successful careers, there are other types of modelling just as rewarding as fashion.

To help you find out the best pathway for you and to teach you how to look and behave, we have summarised top tips to guide you throughout your career. From the first steps that include searching for the best agency to the final clues on how to manage your money.

We also offer a special advice section dedicated exclusively to male models with top tips about the industry and how to take care of your body and skin.

Models Connect offers you guidance and advice on how to make your way to success easier. To have full access to our tips login to your Models Connect account .

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How to become a model?

• Get informed about avoiding scams

Explore the best fashion and modelling Blogs

• What type of work is suitable for your profile?

• The importance of a portfolio

• How to find an agency that suits you?

• The difference between Makeover and Portfolio photos

• What to bring to a photo shoot

• Managing your money

• All you need to know before boarding on a plane

• Do you have the right attitude ?

• Are modelling schools a good idea?

• What is a model release and do you need one

Safe modelling

• Choosing the right photographer

• Who is who in the business? The industry players

Time for prints - do you know what it is

• The booking process

• What are tear sheets

• How to contact an agency

Petite modelling

Upfront fees

UK modelling agencies

  Your features:

Make up guide - all tips and advice you need

• How do you make sure your hair and skin look their best?

• How to keep fit and sparkle

• How to have shiny and healthy hair

• Tips for a beautiful smile

• How to keep cool and beat the stress

• How to beat the spots

• Modelling posture and walking

• All about nail care

• Find the perfect eyebrow shape

• How smoking can ruin your skin

• Is plastic surgery an option?

• Is your diet ruining your skin ?

• The Gym dilemma

• How to take care of your hair in the winter

• Sleeping beauty

Skin care in winter

• How to control body fat?

• Expert fitness and nutrition advice

Check out our Glossary and find out more about the modelling industry

These are important matters, especially for new starters.

We can help you get your foot in the right door.

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