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Do I really need a portfolio?

A portfolio is the most important investment in model's future. A good portfolio can promote you fantastically; it can scream out personality, show your versatility and simply ‘sell’ you to any client. It can also be a set of really plain, average photos that are not presenting you in favourable way and might not get any attention on castings.

Top high fashion agencies do just require 4 simple shots, a head shot, one head shot with a smile, and two full body shots - one taken from the front and one profile. Modelling industry is a business and only the best candidates, matching strict requirements of the agency and promising future profit, will get through with simple shots. Those big agencies will invest in such new faces and their portfolios, they have resources for that as well as vastly developed network of photographers and creative teams willing to use fresh faces in their photo-shoots. New face in high fashion agency is not being paid for modelling during this period, she/he is simply building up the model book. It can take months before paid work comes up. Quite often some costs that agency incurrs at the beginning, are deducted later from the earnings of a model.

Most of commercial agencies however will require a portfolio from new model. Commercial market covers a wide range of products, so the more looks you can present the better for you.
Building up your portfolio is beneficial not only for yourself and your ambitions but it will enhance the way an agency will look at how versatile and committed you are. Models who can only master one pose and facial expression will not get themselves anywhere in the competitive modelling industry. Agencies need to see your flexibility, and above all your passion. It will also give you a boost of confidence, the feeling of professionalism and awareness of what you are able to do on the set.

The quality and style of your portfolio depends on the people you choose to work with. Great minds create amazing results! It is the passion and experience of that team that will complement your performance in creating fabulous model book. They should advise you of the most appropriate type of modelling for you and carry out the make-up, styling and photography accordingly. For example commercial shots will be more natural and smiling, whereas fashion shots more sophisticated and edgy. When it comes to portfolio, the quantity does not mean quality. It is better to have 15 striking images of yourself than 100 average ones. They should include both head shots, half and full body shots. The process of production of images should always be followed by the post-production. Professional studio will provide you with digitally enhanced and printed images. The prices vary between £30 and £50 per print.

A good professional photograph demonstrates your attitude and skill and may make an agency or a client look at you for few crucial seconds longer, give you that small but important advantage over competition.

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