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How to keep fit and sparkle

For a model it is extremely important to take care of your body and stay slim and fit. Of course you have your genes to help you but find the perfect exercise for you can guarantee a much toned body that will definitely look better on camera.

Supermodels and celebrities are constantly advertising their formulas to stay fit so why not copy them, just for a change? Pilates and yoga are the favourite among the stars and are the perfect choice for slim models that just want to tone their muscles.

Mark Stables, personal trainer and life and wellness coach, said in interview to a famous American magazine that yoga and Pilates regime is what he recommends for many of the models who come to him to achieve, or retain, a slim runway physique. "You are looking to create long, lean muscles," said Stables. "Yoga and Pilates, I believe, are beneficial for anyone right across the board -- I mean there's nobody who wouldn't benefit from it."

If you want to loose weight and have no patience whatsoever to treadmills, try cycling, skating or better yet, dance classes. Dancing is fun and it can actually help you in your modelling career. You will have to stretch a lot and you body will become more flexible, this will increase your confident in front of the camera and will help you facing the long hours of the shoots sessions.

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