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How to become a model at 14

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Many young girls at one time or the other has entertained dreams of being a popular model. The modeling industry is a very attractive one. It is a very rewarding career that could open doors of opportunities. At age 14, a girl is not too young to decide to be a model. In fact 14 is a very good age to begin to consider a career in modeling. At this age, most girls are close to their final adult height. They have also lost most of their girlish looks and have acquired the girl/woman combination look, which is sought after in the model industry. Models usually hit the prime of their career during their late teens and early twenties. Starting at age 14 will give a girl time to mature and gain experience. If you want to become a young model, here are some tips to help you.

First consider some realities. A lot of people who aspire to become models and venture into the industry fail to make it. The modeling profession requires tons of determination and hard work to be noticed and successful. One way to succeed is to want to be a model for the right reasons. Do not venture into it just because your parents and friends tell you it is for you. Be sure you want it enough to keep at it despite the obstacles you may face. Be realistic about your expectations realizing that you would have to face with rejections a number of times.

For a model to be successful you have to be viewed by corporations as someone whose face or body can help them sell products. Take stock of yourself. Measure and record your bust size, waist and hips. Also record your weight, dress size and shoe size, eye and hair color as well as your height. You have to be honest with your measurements as they will be later checked by professionals. You have to be up to 5 feet 6 inches to become a model at 14. If you are not yet that tall you can calculate if you would be that tall, by considering how tall your parents are.

A model has to be loved by the camera. You need to show that you are photogenic and able to look good without heavy makeup or special effects. So get some photos taken of your face and body. They may not be expensive or professional pictures. Just be sure that they focus on your natural features. The aim is to show agents that you have potential.

After you have made a portfolio of your best photos, you need to shop for modeling agents. You will need them to become a successful model. For those who live or are close to large cities, you can call up their offices to make appointments. It is advisable that a parent or guardian accompany the 14 year old to see the agent. Some agencies will refer you to other reputable agencies if they are not interested. If you are not close to a large city you can mail in your pictures. Take note that legitimate top agencies do not place ads for models.

There are various types of modeling careers that you can consider. Go with your passion and determination. Have the right attitude and take the time to learn all that is necessary. Do not let a couple of rejections stop you if you really have what is required and with time you can fulfill your dream, and become a model at 14.


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