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Character modelling

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Many sacrifices are made my models to achieve the necessary results that are in demand by the modeling agency and the particular job.  Appearance and self-confidence, as well as maintaining an all around great character because you are in the public eye are critical.  Companies will not hire you to represent their product if you are not liked by the public because of something you have been reported doing in the media or other source. This is key information to keep in your mind always and forever.  Actors and other celebrities live in the public eye, if they go through major issues and live out public tribulations in the public eye over everything but models do not typically endure or go through scandals unless they are fabricated by the paparazzi because models maintain another level of integrity and code of behaviour that is expected in the modeling industry and the most respected modeling agencies in the UK modeling industry.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or does it really matter anyway? - Not in the profession of character modelling that’s for sure. Character modelling is about something else all together and the clue is in it’s name. What you need is character and plenty of it. We can advise on your look and help you to find your character. For example, you might be anything from an ‘every day type’ or an unusual or extreme look. There is work in this industry for a wide variety of ‘looks’ and here at Models Connect we can help you to understand your potential and shape your profile to be more appropriate for your chosen field.

Models Connect provides the forum by which you can promote yourself to the industry and access tones of leading professionals for knowledgeable advice and tips on how to break into character modelling. Each day hundreds of potential scouts, photographers, TV/ film makers and model agents scour our website for new potential faces. We can help provide you with maximum exposure to the industry and give guidance on the best ways to promote and present yourself to potential clients. You will need to be pro-active in yourself, looking for an agent and work opportunities. You can use Models Connect for the right advice and guidance onto the realm of character modelling.
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