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Think dramatic and ultra-sexy. Glamour modelling (as we know it) was first unveiled on the covers of Playboy magazine featuring such glamorous icons as Marilyn Monroe in 1959. Playboy lead the way for subsequent magazines in the market and in doing so, launched an industry for many glamour models and photographers to break through.

Models Connect can advise you on the many different types of glamour modelling within the glamour industry. There are numerous and varying types of jobs from lingerie to nude. Glamour modelling focuses on the model rather than a product being advertised or endorsed. Glamour modelling is about the sensuality and sexiness of the model, and the photographer creates sexually provocative images. It is about the attitude, the eroticism, the mood, and is sometimes nothing more than a particular look in a models eye. Nudity is not always required.


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Models connect will host your online portfolio and actively source clients to view your profile. We will give you all the information you require to make an informed decision about glamour modelling. Models Connect has the tools which will help you to decide what style of glamour modelling is for you. For examples, glamour modelling does not insist on nudity of any kind implied or otherwise. What a model is prepared to reveal is based solely on the requirements of the photographer, but more importantly, it is dictated exclusively by what is agreed between both parties beforehand
Within glamour modelling there is only one main criteria, you have to be at least 18-years-old before a photographer will even consider working with you on a glamour shoot. You do not need to be tall, a particular age or dress size. The only real requirement is that you have a toned body and you’re not afraid to be judged on your appearances. Models Connect will give you advice on how to build a strong mental attitude as you must be prepared to be criticized on your body and you have to learn not to take it personally.
One immediate piece of advice that we can give is to prepare yourself for some hard work. The competition will be fierce and all other models are just as eager to make it in the industry as you. Dedication and perseverance is what you need to succeed although a touch of perspective and realism is also important. Models Connect can help you to avoid the pitfalls of scammers and advise you on the techniques for prolonging your career. For example, a key phrase in the industry is, ‘it’s not about how much they see, but how much they think they're going to see!’ In the glamour industry it is important to know your own mind and to know exactly what you aim to get out of it before you enter.
Photoshoots may often be on location, out in the elements, in all weathers. Long hours and repetitive casting calls are common. Models Connect advise that you learn how to deal with other people’s attitudes and laugh and smile at the same time. Hard work and a good positive mental attitude will give you the best start in the industry. Register with Models Connect online for a safe and educated first step into the glamour modelling industry.

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