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From the petit to the plus size, it’s the New Look for the new millennium. Ever since Sophie Dahl was signed to Storm (one of London’s hottest model agencies) and Crystal Renn appeared on the front cover of Harper's Bazaar, plus size models have been a hit.
The injection of new innovative plus size fashion brands into the industry has meant that relevant work for the plus size model has increased. The plus size portion of the model industry is booming and Models Connect is here to guide you in this field. With Models Connect raising your modelling profile, you will be able to access the appropriate plus size model agencies and professionals from the world of fashion, advertising and media who are looking for plus size talents and new faces.

V Magazine's Size issue. Glad to see that people are still trying to move away from the size zero trend!

If you match the plus size selection criteria, you could be in luck.Our clients scout the Models Connect database daily, so your details will be imediately accessable to the industries top players.
Models Connect has the contacts and advise to assist you on your journey to becoming a plus size model. We will also help you to avoid the scammers and ensure your sefety as you will only be contacted by trusted partners and accredited agencies affiliated with Models Connect. Plus size modeling is as competative an industry as every other. There will be just as many scammers looking to cheat plus size models as any other model. So be sure to seek the advise from Models Connect to help you on a safe and successful journey to an eduring career in plus size modelling.
To be a plus size model you must have the desire, dedication and determination to succeed. As with any other form of modelling, the competition is feirce and you must fulfull the clients requirements for the job before you even begin to compete against hundreds and thousands of other potential models. It is important to remain focused and realistic about you goals. Models Connect will endeavor to give you all the advise you could pissibly need to make it in the industry and will be continually promoting your image while you work hard at proactively promoting yourself.


So, if you’re curvy in all the right places, have a look at our top requirements and suggestions for making it as a plus size model – 
Firstly, as a plus size model you will advertise clothes, accessories and products for the larger woman. Therefore, it is necessary that you represent this look so must be at least a UK size 12 to qualify. Ideally, you will be a UK dress size 12, 14 or 16. Although, sizes 10 and 18/20 are also used, it is far less common. 
Secondly, as with any other style of modelling, height plays an important roll. You must be at least 5’6”, however, it is recommended that you are between 5′8″ and 6′0″tall. 
Thirdly, you must be toned. Even though you are plus sized, you should represent an idealised plus sized form, think Rubenesque. You will be required to look full figured but may also still model for swimwear, lingerie or fitness gear. 
Finally, you should be in proportion. Your bust, waist and hips should be about ten inches apart in size (i.e. 42-32-42) or very close. Your figure should be well balanced and you should not appear top or bottom heavy.
Fortunately for all wannabe plus size models today, there are many new and emerging brands in the market for the fuller figured customer. For example, Evans, Apple Bottoms & Baby Phat have widened the market for the plus size consumer and in so doing have generated an increased rate of work and demand for plus size models. Taking inspiration from successful plus size models such as Kate Dillon (who walked into the offices of Wilhelmina Models in NY and was signed), Models Connect have been promoting aspiring plus size models, helping them on their journey to become the next big thing.

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