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Blogs review.

If you want to become a model you should always start with research on modelling industry. You should know the big names – of modelling agencies, photographers, models and designers. Your work as a model is closely tied to fashion, you should keep track of current trends; many famous models are known for being fashion icons and trendsetters, so you should also work out your own style and be informed on what is ‘hot’ in the fashion world.
That’s why Models Connect did this research for You! We are going to feature the most interesting, most informative, most inspiring BLOGs dedicated to fashion, modelling and photography. Do take time to read, these people know what they are talking about.
Watch this space!


All About Models

Q: What or who is your greatest inspiration?
A: I get my inspirations when I see a picture of the face. The first impression is always my inspiration. I like models.com a lot, they have very interesting concept and I enjoy reading their articles.

Q: Why are you interested in fashion/modelling/photography?
A:  I love modelling industry, because it is simply various and interesting. Day after day come new faces and other faces leave the industry. It's interesting to follow it. When I was 11 I bought my first Vogue with Doetzen Kroes on the cover and thought only - she's so pretty. With the years I got more and more interested in modelling and I started my own blog, which shows my interests with my own concept.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I would describe my style as usual. I focus particularly on new faces, which just started their career. I would describe the Blog as a kind of online newspaper; you can see different faces every day.
Q: Did your blog help you in your career?
A: Of course it's helpful, especially if you want to break into the model booker job. You get offered many interns and jobs around the world. But I'm still at school and it would be impossible for the moment. But for the future I definitely would like to work as a booker.
Q: What do you like to do in your free time? – apart from blogging obviously!
A: The blog doesn't need that much time. Besides, I’m still at school. I also do a lot during the day, like shopping, visiting friends etc., and I like to travel on the weekends and during the holidays.

Q: What is your advice for young people who are interested in a career in fashion/modelling/photography?
A: I would say if you want to start a career in modelling, you MUST be patient. You shouldn't expect too much and you have to trust your agency. It's not a simple job; I think it's one of the hardest. Therefore always patience! You should take some polaroids without any make up, and you should send these to some agencies near you. And you should always stay "you".


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