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If you want to become a model you should always start with research on modelling industry. You should know the big names – of modelling agencies, photographers, models and designers. Your work as a model is closely tied to fashion, you should keep track of current trends; many famous models are known for being fashion icons and trendsetters, so you should also work out your own style and be informed on what is ‘hot’ in the fashion world.
That’s why Models Connect did this research for You! We are going to feature the most interesting, most informative, most inspiring BLOGs dedicated to fashion, modelling and photography. Do take time to read, these people know what they are talking about.
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Free Style Land

My name is Thalia and I'm Indonesian. I started fashion blogging a year ago. I decided to make a fashion blog because I was inspired by my favorite fashion bloggers, people on the street and movies. I realized that I have enough passion to be a fashion blogger. I like mix and match old and new fashion. I like to wear my mom's old things with my new things. My style is the way I express myself. So I wear what I want to wear. My style is rebel but feminine. Being a fashion blogger even though I don't post once a month, I got some e-mail that want to exchange link or give me compliment and I'm so honored and feel great about it. Even though it still don't affect anything real for me, but I hope I will in the future. I spend my free time almost on internet, but I really like drawing and singing so I like to go to auditions or things like that. So finally, I think if you have such a great passion for fashion, let it out. Just be yourself and be original, as long as you're confident and comfortable you will always look great.

Free Style Land

Q: What or who is your biggest inspiration?

A: people on street cause i always find something unique from different people then i got inspiration to mix and match it with my own style and some movies and my favorite fashion bloggers who are really succeed and awesome, i learned so much from them they motivate me to be better and find my own style
Q: Why are you interested in fashion / design / photography?
A: Cause it's the way i express myself. i'm a quiet person, i don't talk much but when it comes to fashion people say it's the way i "speak". looking good for myself is make me happy and compliments are appreciation for myself.

Q:  How would you describe your style?

 A: i love vintage things such as my mom things, and then i love rebel too with some sides of feminism. i wear whatever i want, and feel comfortable and just be confident.
Q: Does your blog help you in your career?
A: i don't really see my career on fashion blog anytime soon right now. I still go to school and i think if i succeed express myself with this fashion blog and people like it, i really want it to be real like to be fashion designer or have a boutique.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? - apart from blogging obviously!
A: i love dancing, writing songs, singing or drawing and travelling
Q: What is your advice for young people interested in a career in fashion / design / photography?
A: well don't give up, when you start making a fashion blog you want it to be good, so make it interesting. don't forget to tell people like promoting on twitter or facebook, or fashion sites, or exchange link with some fashion bloggers it will make people notice you. be confident, be yourself. if this is your dream then you'll have to start believing and stop just sit there and hoping. make some good work, try your best and do things you love and happy. cause in the end that's all that matter :)


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