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Fashion blog of the Week  - Blogs review

If you want to become a model you should always start with research on modelling industry. You should know the big names – of modelling agencies, photographers, models and designers. Your work as a model is closely tied to fashion, you should keep track of current trends; many famous models are known for being fashion icons and trendsetters, so you should also work out your own style and be informed on what is ‘hot’ in the fashion world.
That’s why Models Connect did this research for You! We are going to feature the most interesting, most informative, most inspiring BLOGs dedicated to fashion, modelling and photography. Do take time to read, these people know what they are talking about.
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Blog of the week 27


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Roxanna Bina has lived and breathed fashion since she was a toddler trying on her mother’s high heeled shoes and smearing lipstick on her tiny lips. She isn’t one to follow trends-she sets them. Roxanna will be hitting the runways and catwalks-above and underground-to bring your ass what’s cool and new in the world of style and fashion. She also has an affinity for Persian cats, Earl Grey tea, James Bond, and Be@rbricks.

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I am Abisola – Abimarvel to you, well only if you want, really..

I’m 20, a super cool christian & I’m currently studying at The University of the Arts London. I love a lot of things so I get excited pretty easily & laugh A LOT.. I’m used to the stares now!
My motto is.. “..everything is going to be amazing, simple.”

“YOLO: You only live once”. SO the blog is almost 4 years old & its a fun place to chill, check out, refer to etc.

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The Wellness Project is a personal project of mine that I started as a creative outlet to document and share all the little things in life that make me happy -- design, fashion, food, times with friends and family, photography, travel. Occasionally, it's a platform for me to develop and share my personal style. Hoping to live and love well, and meet like-minded people along the way.

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Hey, it's Heather. I blog about food, fashion and fun from Korea and Australia. Currently I am located in Seoul.

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My name is Charlie and I run Girl a la Mode. I started the blog in 2008 whilst I was studying fashion design in Bristol, I shared my inspirations and online finds and offered a more avant garde approach than what I felt was available at the time; now my blog has grown with me and it's a place to share my outfits, travel and photography with my readers. I also have my own fashion label and hope to offer a unique look into a designers world.

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I'm Lidia Luna, I currently live in California. I studied computer art and painting in Savannah Georgia. After college I moved to Silverlake in LA. This is were I was most influenced by fashion and particularity vintage clothes. I started this blog to to share beauty with the world through Illustration, Styling, Fashion and Photography. I love the
speed and constant evolution of fashion and vintage is a great way to keep yourself unique.

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CATS & DOGS by Ricarda, a German style blogger and teacher from Berlin. The blog is giving you insight into my ideas of styling outfits and capturing the vibe of my city. I enjoy mixing high street pieces with DIY projects and designer pieces, all coming together in regular outfit posts. If you enjoy looking at a collection of beautiful pictures and lovely things, you'll love this blog!

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Haute Design

Haute Design is an online library of accumulated inspiration, exploring that which is haute and beautifully designed. From incredible, sprawling, countryside homes, to fashion design in Paris, to unique packaging, Haute Design aims to share and inspire creativity.

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I began my blog after a couple of years of reading other blogs and many many years of scrapbooking, I always loved to have a place I could go to for inspiration and beautiful images. So my blog really is an interpretation of the world as I see it and really just documents things of interest in my life as well as being a platform to practice my photography, styling techniques etc. My blog is purely my own idea and has been running for just over two years.

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Gorgeous Glam

Gorgeous Glam is a fashion, beauty and design blog based on all things glamourous.  It began as an outlet for creative inspiration for the editor Taj Acosta who woks in styling and makeup in Hollywood.

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Apartment 34

Apartment 34 got its start as an experimental way to capture home renovation inspiration for a newly purchased condo. It quickly morphored into a treasure trove of daily style inspiration of a 30ish girl, making her way in the world.

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Searching for Style

Searching for Style is about fashion and opinion. I have worked in the industry, as a designer at some of the top luxury brands (Sonia Rykiel and Burberry) and in several other roles, so I know the the inside and out of the fashion world. I write the blog on my own, and it covers fashion news, new products, catwalk coverage, Fashion 101's and other fashion related information, but always from my side of the story. I am very opinionated, in fact, some call me sharp-tongued.

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All the pretty birds


Humans express their personalities through fashion. There are those
who go along with the grain and those whose roots grow outside the
field. Wherever we fall on the fashion spectrum, we are all beautiful
creatures. We are all pretty birds. I started All the Pretty Birds in
November 2008 to illustrate that sentiment.

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It’s a personal style blog with daily outfit posts and style inspiration written by a california girl with a love for everything vintage (that’s me). i love to hunt for treasures in thrift stores and vintage shops to mix and match with designer pieces when i can afford them. i don't follow the trends, but prefer to create my own unique looks inspired by the style i see on the streets, in old films, art, designer collections, or whatever else pops into my mind when i get dressed in the morning..

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Blue is in fashion this year

I started my blog in June 2009. The idea behind it was to give some concrete and easy-to-copy fashion inspiration to my readers through collages that I make using bloggers and streetstyle pics. But there are also some fashion news and tips on my blog.

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The blog started back in 2008, I used the blog what tumblr is now, as quick and short posts of things I read and saw that I liked I would posted about as I had some interest in it. Today still doing the same but much more fashion influenced.
Smile is a fashion blog, Showcasing the latest and inspirational Fashion Editorials, Covers and Ad Campaigns with a mix of design and model articles featuring work from International Magazine, Photographers, Designers, Artists, Models and Stylists.

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The musings of ondo lady

Blog was started in 2007 and it is about pop culture in the form of music, film, fashion, music, TV, books and magazines. I tend to write previews, reviews, profiles and interviews. The blog was started up and is run by myself. I have a background in journalism and marketing and blogging allows me to put these skills in use while tapping into my passion for writing.







Oh So Hip It Hurts

My name is Erin and I started my blog nearly two years ago. My blog focuses around the things that are inspiring me at the time, trends i'm loving and people i'm crushing on.

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Slanelle Style

My blog is almost 3 years old now. (Although I've been blogging for more than 6 years) I'm behind the content. I just post my daily outfits. I have another blog for my inspirations or fashion shows coverage.

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Couture Carrie

Carrie began Couture Carrie in February of 2008 as an extension of her personal style diary/sketchbook. She decided it was time to share her passion for runway trendspotting with her Fellow Fashionistas in the blogosphere.

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Fashion Fille

A self-professed fashion addict inspired by daily oddities who rarely stops giggling, Elysia is a student as well as the founder and blogger of Fashion Fille, which is over 2 years old. She intends with all of her being to remain in the fashion industry to continue her career. The lovechild of hard-core, rock-and-roll edginess and ruffly, floral feminity, with a heavy serving of accessories could describe her personal style. Fashion Fille covers new collections, events, trends, and anything that Elysia finds fascinating. Definitely not one to miss!

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Free Style Land

My name is Thalia and I'm Indonesian. I started fashion blogging a year ago. I decided to make a fashion blog because I was inspired by my favorite fashion bloggers, people on the street and movies. I realized that I have enough passion to be a fashion blogger. I like mix and match old and new fashion. I like to wear my mom's old things with my new things. My style is the way I express myself. So I wear what I want to wear. My style is rebel but feminine. Being a fashion blogger even though I don't post once a month, I got some e-mail that want to exchange link or give me compliment and I'm so honored and feel great about it. Even though it still don't affect anything real for me, but I hope I will in the future. I spend my free time almost on internet, but I really like drawing and singing so I like to go to auditions or things like that. So finally, I think if you have such a great passion for fashion, let it out. Just be yourself and be original, as long as you're confident and comfortable you will always look great. 

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The Hong Kong Fashion Geek Bloggers

Hong Kong Fashion Geek is a Hong Kong-based blog focusing on a variety
of lifestyle topics, including fashion, food, consumer gadgets,
design, etc. The bloggers behind the enterprise are hkFashionGeek
(Virginia Ngai) and hkShoeGeek (Christina Ko), who founded the blog in
early 2009.

The Creators: The "Geeks", as they call themselves, both come from a print
journalism background, and founded the blog as a response to the
sanitary approach to lifestyle journalism taken by most print
publications. They take an irreverent attitude and offer honest and
personal opinions on what's going on around Hong Kong.






Photos De Mode

Photos De Mode is a fashion blog that is ment to bring daily inspiration for everyone to love. The blog has been up since december 2008 and is still on the runway. You can find spreads, backstage, streetstyle photos and everything in between the fashion circus." The name pronounces itself very well what the blog is about. More photos less text!!!










Chic Heroin

I'm Elizabeth Victoria, a university student living in Toronto, Canada. I started Chic Heroin two years ago as a way to express my personal style after reading other fashion blogs for many years. After modelling for a short while in my teens, I realized that my love was for the fashion industry itself, rather than modelling, and began to pursue a career in fashion publishing. I still model from time to time, and occasionally post shoots on my blog. My blog is a diary of what I'm wearing and what I'm doing, and I post outfit posts, personal pictures and clothes that have caught my eye, among other things.

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Haute World

Haute World was launched in February 2008, when I began documenting some of the more note-worthy boutiques I came across during my travels. Since then its evolved into a cross between a travel and fashion blog, focusing on city impressions, must-see shopping destinations, the hottest exhibitions and anything else that's interesting, international and worth posting about. For all fashion-lovers, shopaholics and those, who just with to see clothing and accessories in their 'natural habitat - join me for virtual (shopping) tours around the world.

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Urban and Trendy

Urban and Trendy is a fashion blog thought, created and told by B. a spanish first year university student who loves the fashion world and every mistery around it, because as I always say, fashion is not only cute dresses and high heels. I started with the blog on the summer of 2008, because I used to check every single day some blogs I loved, so as also in life should be, I thought, 'Why not me?'. Urban and Trendy is the result of a mix of ideas, my own ones about fashion. It's simple, If I think about something, I just go, make a nice collague that represents the idea and write about it to the world. It's such an amazing feeling when you realize that so many people like waht you do!

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All About Models

My name is Samira and I’m from Germany.
I have the Blog since June 2009. I've been really interested in the modelling industry, especially new faces. Then I had the idea to create a Blog for new faces. I started to cooperate with different modelling agencies and I think it's a great promotion for the girls. And I think it's interesting for the readers to see, different new faces from all over the world. 

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My name is Luis Domingo, a 20-years-old student, but my passion is modelling business. That's the reason why I decided to create ldfspot. Well, it started last March and it was my idea. I started working as a model scout in Spain in January, now I'm still doing it but working abroad. You can describe ldfspot as this "face's scrutiny from mother agencies worldwide based in my own taste and point of view respecting modelling business."
It is like a chance for mother agencies to promote new faces from their agencies. They contact me from countries all around the world (Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Spain, etc.) or sometimes I contact agency to publish a girl who I think is really interesting.
This allows me to keep in touch with the industry and establish networks for my job.
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The Lucky Fashion Girl

I'm Lenine, a Dutch girl and I started with blogging in September 2009. I got inspiration of other blogs. So I also started one - to give inspiration to others. Most of my posts are about amazing photo shoots, Alexander McQueen shoes (cause they make me laugh), covers of the Vogue and backstage pictures. I would describe my blog like this: fashion=fun so enjoy it!

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 cartoon_styles_300   Cartoon Styles

My name is Yvonne and I decided to start a fashion related blog last year, October, because my picture folders were so messy!!
Therefore I cleared everything in the picture folders by posting it up on a blog and share with everyone who has the same interest as me.

The content of Cartoon Styles is purely about fashion Editorial, campaigns and also photographs by talented photographers out there.
Fashion, Art & Photography will always be something I am passionate about!

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Model Go-See

Aaron is one of New Zealand's leading fashion and beauty photographers.
His interests are not limited to photography only, he has few blogs committed to fashion, campaigns, models and modelling industry in general.

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Ringo, have a banana!

My name is Siri and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I started my blog a few years ago when I was living in a small town in California. I was a bit lonely and wanted an avenue to talk about my love for fashion, trifting and photography.
Today, my blog is a place where I can gush about the silly things most of my friends don't care about, like the latest Miu Miu campaign or vintage platform shoes. I've also met many wonderful people from all over the world through my blog. Plus, while I was still in school, it was a great way to procrastinate from my homework!

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I love my Marc

My name is Margault and I started a blog to have a place for my own collages and inspiring pictures. My greatest inspirations come from movies, music and lovely people such as Alexa Chung or Jason Schwartzman, which I try to reflect on my personal style (preppy, girly and boyish). I plan on being a journalist, work in the fashion industry, illustrate things or write a book. I cannot really give good advice to people - just gather photos, read a lot, keep a journal and be inspired.Love!

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Park & Cube

I'm Shini, South Korean born raised in Poland, now studying Graphic Design in London.
I started Park & Cube out of pure interest for personal style and to share Do-It-Yourself projects. I was very influenced by how the fashion culture was becoming very spend-spend-spend and felt that we needed more interaction with clothes we have already, so I got hooked on making adjustments to my discarded pieces and fell back in love with them. I believe that your character can leak into your style through DIY and that's what makes it really quite precious.

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Cheap thrills

I'm Raez, I'm a sixteen year old photographer and fashion enthusiast from Winnipeg, Canada. Currently, I'm still attending high-school, but really, I just can't wait until I graduate so I can move to Toronto to study photography and fashion marketing/advertising.
 I started blogging nearly two years ago when I was fourteen, and my style and eye for fashion has changed a lot since then. I've definitely done a lot of growing up, and I think you can really see that going back in my posts! Today, I still have a penchant for thrifting and vintage shopping on a regular basis, as well as a taste for outrageous, edgy, and bold makeup + clothes; which I tend to express through photoshoots that I style and post on my blog.

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Miss at la Playa

This blogue is dedicated to art and fashion. To those pictures which help us appreciate the beautiful side of life. Because that's art.

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