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Zeynab B.

27th Apr 2012, 3:06 PM
Posts: 1
has anyone heard of this agency?

also fynnsmodels?


Maria M.

17th Aug 2012, 11:13 PM
Posts: 1
cannot decide: paying or losing £50?
I was stupid but now I want to make the best decision:

I applied for a hostess work for an agency
(http://www.ukfashionscout.com/ 4th floor 81 Oxford Street, London),
and they looked my pics and say: they are non professional and old
(that's true).
They offered a photo shoot for £100 -with make up, hair, "stylist" and
photoshoping. The photo shoot was ok, and I paid the half price first:
I'll have an appointment with this agency to take my photos (on CD)
and pay the other £50 for the photos. I found some information on the
internet about they'll never call you back for a work they want the
money for the photo shoot and that's it. After you get the photos,
they forget you ever.

Now, I am confused:
leave it, never go back for my photos - I will lose my £50
or get my pics: it costs plus £50 (together £100) but I get pro pics
(I really hope so) of me, but never get the job from this agency.

I've got only good experiences with agencies, that's why I was naive.
And I thought I need better pics and I may get hostess jobs as well.
But I know, it's all about "pics shoot money", and know I just want to
get hurt less.
What do you think? Leave it or get the pics and try somewhere else.
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