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One of the more often overlooked way in becoming a male model is networking. It means more than just getting a good photographer who can help you build your portfolio but building business relationships with such people as creative staff at chain store headquarters, executives in advertising agencies and others who do the actual hiring of the models. Even if they do not have a particular job or project in hand, you can meet with these individuals on a face-to-face basis so they can see your professionalism, your physical assets and a preview of your personality and attributes in more of an informational setting. This can take time and may seem difficult at first but as with anyone seeking to enter a new career, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” that really counts.

Modelling types you can pursue as a male model includes: Fashion, Commercial, Catalogue and Body/Fitness



Fashion Male Modelling

The requirements are: at least 6'00 height and suit size 40 to 42 Regular or long (US) / 48 to 50 (European)

As a fashion model you will appear in magazines/newspaper editorials and you might be chosen to be in a catwalk show


Commercial Male Modelling

The requirements are: there are no strict requirements; you will just have the meet the criteria set by the clients.

As a commercial model you will be requested to advertise and sell products, whether in tv or print

I want to be a fashion male model!


I want to be a commercial male model!


Catalogue Male Modelling

The requirements are: there are no strict requirements, tough you will have to be tall, at least 5'9 and extremely confident.

As a catalogue model you will be requested to advertise and sell products shooting a catalogue for a specific company


Body/Fitness MaleModelling

The requirements are: as you might think to be a body/ fitness model you have to be a fit, toned body.

As a body/fitness model you will be posing for ads showing off your body, or parts of it, like a abs model. Usually you will sell fitness related products or beauty products for the body

I want to be a male catalogue model!


I want to be a male  fitness model!


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Top Model Agencies
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One of the most important groups in one’s network should be other male models. They can help direct you to the photo stylists, big time photographers, retailers and staff at advertising agencies who do the hiring. These types of people are usually found in the big cities so if you do not live in or near one, be prepared to lay out the necessary expenses so that you can get to these cities or even re-locate to one that you think will have the greatest benefits for you.

Once you have found a list of people with whom you can network, find out where you can meet them. Perhaps there are events such as trade shows that you can attend or you can set up appointments to meet with them. Just remember to let them know that this is an informational meeting only and you are not specifically looking for work. Use this as an opportunity to learn about current trends and needs in the industry so you can figure out for yourself where you might fit in. Have a flyer or brochure prepared with some background information about yourself listing your strong points and a picture and email address and cell phone number.

It is then important that you follow up within the next day or two after your meeting with an email message. The person with whom you met may not remember your name but will most likely remember your face so include a photograph of yourself in the message. There are no specific guidelines as to what to say in this message but just make sure that it includes some information that was relevant in your discussions so that your networking with this person can be of some benefit in the future.

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