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Cardio training to lose body fat

You most probably are familiar with these two questions:

What is the best type of cardio to do...?
How long should I run for on the treadmill...?

I have answered this question thousands of times for most gym users and the response has never changed.
The general approach to cardio training is that the longer you spend on a piece of cardio equipment the better. Unfortunately that is only true to a certain extent. I have watched people walk in the gym, jump straight on to the treadmill and run a mini marathon. I have admiration for these people as their determination will cause them to do this pattern for months on end, without seeing any changes to their body.
My aim is to give people information to allow them to think for themselves. My response will always start with.... for you to do something for 30 minutes, does that suggest that it is hard or easy? The issue with most people’s cardio training is that they are not expending enough calories to illicit a reduction in body fat. The scenario is that people will spend 30 minutes doing easy pace cardio which will not result in a high enough calorie expenditure.
As I have discussed in other articles, you can reduce body fat by creating a safe calorie deficit through nutrition and an effective training program.

•    Wasting time on low intensity cardio
•    Spending all your time on one cardio machine
•    Crunching until you can’t crunch no more
•    Sticking to the same cardio workout

When ready:
•    Start a well thought out interval program
•    Incorporate the right type of weight training
•    Follow a well designed core program 
•    Work on improving your diet

For effective solutions to weight loss, email me at: ashley@myevolutionfitness.co.uk



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ashley_63 Ashley has had a rewarding career as a personal trainer for 5 years and with the launch of Evolution Fitness in 2009 he has expanded his client base working with fitness enthusiasts from all different walks of life.
As a Performance Enhancement specialist, Ashley’s knowledge is of the highest within the industry. Ashley has worked with a range of clients from gym users to top athletes and he is now currently completing a degree to further his knowledge and skills. More info on: www.myevolutionfitness.co.uk

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