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“You need to eat loads of protein when training to get bigger....”
“If you want to lose weight just eat more protein and eat less carbs....”

If you were to listen to these two statements that circulate the gym on a daily basis, the end result would be you feeling very undesirable and without the physique you aspire to have. Although both of these statements hold some truth they are often misinterpreted and then abused. Bodybuilders would often go on a high protein diet when preparing for a competition which is why the high protein and low carb diet works but can only be sustained for a matter of weeks leading to the competition. High protein and low carb diets have a detrimental effect on the body and will lead to more problems than it can solve (please read carbs for further information).

Role of protein
•    Build and repair body tissues and structures
•    Manufacture of hormones and enzymes
•    Can be used for energy if energy needs are not met from carbohydrates

This is why protein in essential within the diet. I’ve come into contact with a lot of female clients who tend not to eat enough protein which makes it harder for them to achieve their results in the gym. I have also had the pleasure of speaking to men who obsess about the amount of protein they think they need to eat. For every individual there is the right amount of protein.
The amount of protein you need is affected by your total calorie intake and energy expenditure (exercise). There are guidelines which suggest the amount of protein you should consume each day. However due to the ever contradicting articles in magazines it’s hard to know who is telling the truth. The easiest way to find out how much protein you need as an individual is to visit the gym for a fitness assessment. If you are lucky enough to be a member of a good gym with high quality trainers, they will be able to tell you your individual calorie needs and therefore suggest the right amount of protein to eat.
A nutrition plan of eating between 15%-30% of kcal from protein should not be exceeded
(this generally falls between 0.8g-2g/kg of bodyweight).




Top Model Agencies
ashley_63 Ashley has had a rewarding career as a personal trainer for 5 years and with the launch of Evolution Fitness in 2009 he has expanded his client base working with fitness enthusiasts from all different walks of life.
As a Performance Enhancement specialist, Ashley’s knowledge is of the highest within the industry. Ashley has worked with a range of clients from gym users to top athletes and he is now currently completing a degree to further his knowledge and skills. More info on: www.myevolutionfitness.co.u

Remember, your protein intake is dependent on your goal, activity levels, protein source and total calorie intake.  Eating in excess of 30% of calories from protein can lead to:
•    Calcium depletion
•    Fluid imbalance
•    Eventual hunger
•    Slower metabolism
•    Weight rebound
•    Energy loss

For information on fitness assessments and nutrition plans please email ashley (at) myevolutionfitness.co.uk


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