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First steps get good images

Decide what you want.  Male styles are fewer in number and more limited than female styles, but you still need to decide for yourself what style you want your photos to reflect.  You should look through some catalogues and magazines and tear out pictures that are representative of the style and image that you want reflected in your own photos.  Make especially sure that the style that you choose is compatible with your age.
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Outfit yourself.  Buy or borrow some outfits that are consistent with the image that you want to project.  It's important that you select outfits and not just assorted tops and bottoms.  If you're unsure about what should go with what, consult the pictures that you have torn out or look at some store mannequins.  

Look at your shoes.  Men tend to have less shoes than women do, and so the ones that they do have tend to be that much more worn.  If your shoes are going to be in your photos, they should be on par with the rest of your outfit.  

Work on your looks and poses.  Look at some photos and try to imitate them in a mirror.  Have someone shoot some snapshots of you trying to imitate the photos, then compare them to the original.  (Digital cameras work really well for this.)  Pay attention to the placement of your hands.  Hands tend to wind up in awkward places when you have nothing to do with them, so you have to be very conscious of where they are and how your fingers are placed.

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