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Most people don’t pay enough attention to their stretching! A stretch routine in the gym consists of 5 – 10 min of moving your leg over here or your arm up there which is why people fail to see the benefits of stretching.

If you ask most people in the gym why they stretch you won’t really get actual or correct answers especially, if you seek advice from self proclaimed “gym gurus”.

So… let’s get to the basics. There are many reasons why we need to stretch:

  • To improve strength
  • To address any muscular imbalances across the body (correct posture)
  • To reduce fatigue and soreness of muscles after training
  • To remove any lactic acid build up
  • To improve circulation of blood around the body
  • To improve mobility of the body
  • To reduce risk of injury
  • To enhance performance
  • Neuromuscular improvement (mind to muscle connection)

Training is complex as is stretching which is why it needs to be tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. It’s not enough to go through the simple movements and basic routines. A good stretching routine will follow a well designed and thought out program that utilises the whole stretch continuum:

Correctional Flexibility – Active Flexibility – Dynamic Flexibility

Each of these areas are developed using various types of stretching techniques like Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and equipment such as Foam Rollers (myofascial release). There are so many factors that will affect how you stretch and when you stretch so please seek advice from a qualified performance enhancement specialist.




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ashley_63 Ashley has had a rewarding career as a personal trainer for 5 years and with the launch of Evolution Fitness in 2009 he has expanded his client base working with fitness enthusiasts from all different walks of life.
As a Performance Enhancement specialist, Ashley’s knowledge is of the highest within the industry. Ashley has worked with a range of clients from gym users to top athletes and he is now currently completing a degree to further his knowledge and skills. More info on: www.myevolutionfitness.co.u



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