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Male Model Body: 5 Steps to a better body


To make your way into the modelling industry does not mean that you have to have a perfect body but it is essential that you work out regularly to keep your health and looks working for you. We have selected 5 steps to help you maintain your body toned and a healthy lifestyle.


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Get Your Heart Going

The technical terms for this type of exercise are cardiovascular or aerobic training. Exercises like walking, running, and swimming will help you build strong heart and lung muscles and help you control your weight. This type of exercise also tones your muscles.

Build Muscle

While walking and running will help you tone, you can also lose muscle with too much aerobic exercise. And since your goal is to look good on the outside as well, you will want to build some muscle. Using weights to strengthen your muscle will add more mass to them. Muscle needs food to thrive. Building muscle will allow you to use the food you eat more efficiently so that you can reduce body fat and get the shape you want.

Eat To Live

Learn to eat to live not live to eat! Eating a balanced combination of foods in proper quantities will help you get and maintain the body you want. That means you need to eat carbohydrates protein and yes, even some fat.

Get Your Rest!

You've heard the saying 'too much of a good thing'. Exercise and rest go hand in hand. You actually wear your body down during exercise and build it up with rest. Too much of one or the other can have different, yet disastrous effects. For those over thirty, it takes the body about 24 hours to fully recover from an hour of strenuous exercise, so it's a good idea to take a couple of days off a week. Daily rest is also important, so get it!

Keep At It And Reward Yourself!

Most people start off well, yet finish poorly. A fitness program is a lifetime commitment, not a short term project. In order to keep a level of persistence, you need to reward yourself periodically. Maybe it's an extra day off from training or a new piece of clothing. It's your choice, but don't forget it.

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