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Competition is fierce in male modelling . Therefore, new models need to sell themselves and use all assets when competing for a modelling job. You must realize you are competing against many, many guys just like you. Being successful requires more than simply seeing see a guy in an ad who looks similar to you - and think "I can do that, too." It might have been a long road for that guy and he may have needed the right non-conservative attitude to land that modelling job.

The good news is that you can beat your competition by outworking them and by making good decisions. Good career networking and smart marketing tactics are more effective than looks: A decent looking guy who markets himself well can go farther than a guy who is much better looking. You can beat your competition by adopting a marketing approach.

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Put yourself in the shoes of someone who hires guys for modelling jobs, then give them what they want. This is called "positioning" yourself to be chosen. If you do so, you will become a lot more successful than other guys. Think of what make you different and unique and why the photographer should choose you.

Remember that attitude and personality counts a lot. Whenever seeking to try out for an audition, include a short note that describes what makes you unique: are you an athlete? Have you won any competition? What are you latest achievements? Do you have any special talent? Can you dance? Sing? Act? Make sure you describe yourself honestly but don't forget to highlight your qualities.

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