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While you are a beginner in modelling and not well known throughout the male modelling industry, you rarely get hired for a modelling job just because someone saw your photos. There are steps involved before you actually get hired. If you act professionally during these stages, and participate in this hiring process multiple times for different modelling jobs, you greatly improve your chances of being successful.
You can either obtain jobs on your own or sign a contract with a modelling agency who will obtain jobs for you. Modelling agencies do not hire you for modelling jobs. They arrange and negotiate for you.

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Go Sees

The first step in getting a modelling job is normally a ‘go see' is the first real step in the process of actually getting a real paying modelling job. The purpose of a Go-See is for the casting director to ‘see' you after seeing your photos. The casting director is the person who hires models.

Casting directors do not hire you just by only seeing your photos; they need to ‘see' you face to face. Your photos are sort of a ‘sampling' of what you have to offer. This is why you may not spend more than a few minutes face-to-face with a casting director at a Go-See: they just want to see you, so don't be freaked out if they scoot you out of the room after 2 minutes.

When your agent calls

Answer the phone when your agent calls. Do not ask the agent to wait while you look for paper and pen to write down what the agent is saying about the Go-See. Have paper and pen near your cell phone at all times.

If you cannot be available to answer the phone or can't carry a pen with you, then don't try to be a model. Be assured, there are many, many guys who are willing to make the effort of carrying a pen with them and answering the phone. Missing a call is acceptable once in a while, but your agent must call many guys, not just you alone. If you consistently are difficult to get hold of, the agent will call another guy instead of you.

The modelling industry does not cater to your schedule. These professionals are busy. Most modelling jobs are cast within a matter of days. Sometimes jobs are filled in a few hours. Sometimes a casting director will give the job to the first male model's agent who calls back to confirm that their model is available.

While talking to the agent, you need to obtain all the information about the modelling job and the Go-See.

If you still want to pursue the modelling job after hearing these details, you need to know the Who, what, where, when about the Go-See (not the photo shoot):

• Where: Where will the Go-See be held?

• When: The time range of the Go-See. Choose a time near the beginning of the time range. Models who casting directors see earliest during the Go-See tend to get hired more than the guy who was last seen in the day.

• Who: The name of the person you should introduce you self to at the Go-See when you first walk in
• How: How should I dress?

Finally, say yes or no if you will attend the Go-See during this phone call. You cannot ‘think about it' and call your agent back. They need an answer now.

Don't bother asking, ‘Can I get more details' about this job. You may receive vague information about the job. Keep in mind, casting directors may be dealing with an ad agency that does not want their product's competition to know details about a surprise ad campaign that may appear months later. So, they can't tell all the details to some model who has not even been hired for the job.
Do not tell other agents or models or post the information on the Internet. Nothing is a faster way to get banned from being hired than bringing your friends to a Go-See and saying ‘he wants to model too.' If you cannot be independent, then don't try to model.

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