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Your facial expressions on camera

To help create the best possible photograph, male models should feel confident, be expressive and, above all, feel comfortable. Expressions are non-verbal communication and get a point across in a photo.

Guys who want to become models can practice their facial expressions in front of a mirror.

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Try practicing your smiles and expressions in front of a mirror to find expressions you like. Make expressions that illustrate interesting or appealing moods:
• Sexy
• smug
• cocky
• romantic
• a "bad attitude”
• inviting
• approachable
• seductive
• peaceful
• innocent
• mysterious
• masculine

What do these expressions look like in the mirror? Now close your eyes and examine what these expressions physically feel like with your eyes closed.

Some guys who are overly macho tend to not give facial expressions. Our society often expects guys to be tough and macho. Men are afraid to "let their guard down." Loosen up! Learn to smile more at photo shoots. It will help you feel better and be more approachable.

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