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Most people instantly assume that when training for a marathon or simply to become a better runner, you need to run…..

Running is only a small part of it!


When designing a training program to improve running efficiency a “bigger picture” approach needs to be taken. To become an effective runner more time should be spent training to improve posture, core stability, muscular endurance and neuromuscular efficiency.

So many people suffer from aches and pains like shin splints, lower back pain, knee pain (to name a few) which if not corrected, will eventually lead to fatigue and possible injury. If you suffer from rounded shoulders this will inhibit the amount of oxygen the body can take in which will result in a build up of lactic acid. This will undoubtedly decrease the mileage you are able to achieve. This is only one example where posture can affect your ability to run long distance.

Running with an injury can initiate the Cumulative Injury Cycle. The cumulative injury cycle starts with one injury and eventually can lead to another elsewhere within the kinetic chain (the body). If one part of the kinetic chain has been injured then other muscles will compensate to keep the kinetic chain functioning. This can trigger injury/injuries in other parts of the kinetic chain due to the abnormal stress being placed on it. Therefore it is essential when training for optimum performance that the body is corrected for any imbalances and weaknesses.


An effective training program to improve running performance will include:



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ashley_63 Ashley has had a rewarding career as a personal trainer for 5 years and with the launch of Evolution Fitness in 2009 he has expanded his client base working with fitness enthusiasts from all different walks of life.
As a Performance Enhancement specialist, Ashley’s knowledge is of the highest within the industry. Ashley has worked with a range of clients from gym users to top athletes and he is now currently completing a degree to further his knowledge and skills. More info on: www.myevolutionfitness.co.uk

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