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The simplest way to control body fat

There are hundreds and thousands of different weight loss strategies out there. Many of them are over complicated and do not provide a realistic approach to body fat loss. For most of us within the modelling industry, personal appearance is paramount. When it comes down to it, you are selling your body and looks in order to gain business therefore efforts need to be maintained in order to have a healthy career.

Nutrition does cover a wide variety of categories however I will be specifically focusing on how to manipulate your eating for fat loss.


Why we store fat

The science is simple! When it comes down to it food is energy. If you take in more energy than the body needs it will simply store it as fat. Fat, is potential energy that can be used therefore if the body is in a negative calorie state it will start too loose weight. Too make sure that the body looses fat and not lean tissue than sensible food choices need to be made:


Do’s and Don’ts


  • Distribute protein, carbohydrates and fat throughout the day with each meal
  • Choose whole grains, vegetables and salad over refined grains and sugars
  • Eat every 3 hours and between 4 – 6 meals per day
  • Avoid empty calories (e.g. white rice) and highly processed foods (fast food)
  • Drink 2 – 3 litres of water throughout the day
  • Organise your intake so that 60% of calories are from carbs, 20% - 30% calories are from protein and 10% - 20% calories from fat.


  • Do not cut carbohydrates from the diet
  • Skip meals
  • Waste money on weight loss pills
  • Do not have a “cheat” day




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Eating is simple once you spend time planning what to eat and when to eat it. The first couple of weeks will always be the hardest but when you get into a steady routine you will be able to keep on track. For most models it is important that body fat is kept under control so if you pay attention to your eating habits and stick to en effective gym routine this weight management will be achievable.


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