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Nevs Models


Founded in 1970, Nevs is a modern agency that prides itself on a timeless approach to client and model management.

Started up by Neville Gates and based in Chelsea, the ethos of the agency is ‘right model for the right client’. With a clientele that ranges from Tesco to Savile Row, its 40 years of experience have proved that Nevs’ ethical stance is at the very core of their business.

Managing a series of boards that range from international editorial to classic faces, Nevs represents some of the best in editorial and classic modelling talent. Where Nevs separates itself from other agencies, however, is in its approach to building and maintaining solid business relationships. Knowing that getting a second booking can often be tougher than getting the first, Nevs emphasises the importance to models that when out at castings or assignments, creating good working relationships with every client is Modelling 101.

Having the basics of modelling etiquette is advisable, but Nevs adopts the policy that to stand out, good genes are great, but personality is even better. Now run by Paul Cavalier, Nevs agency has the distinct advantage of a Managing Director who was once himself a model. Within in the acting world, actors often make the best directors, because they know the business from a perspective that helps them communicate what’s needed to create the best possible outcome; they lived it, so they know it absolutely. Likewise, having an MD that knows the world of modelling intimately means that the models are supported by the best background team possible. An agency that attends to its clients and models in equal measure is an agency that will always do well, regardless of what’s going on in the economy. The results speak for themselves, with a particularly successful men’s division which can count campaigns for DSquared2, Prada, H&M, Firetrap and Iceberg among their recent success stories. 

Nevs is an agency that clearly understands – and intelligently applies – the theory that in times where technology often takes precedence, the power of the human aspect of an agency is something that should never be overlooked.

Faces@ Nevs: Cristina Teva, Vanessa Haywood, Rebecca Gibbs, Martina Sukupova, Vilina, Patrick Meehan, Chris Austad, Brad Kroenig, James Nyman & Julian Hennig
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