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Premier Models


Premier Models was founded over 25 years ago by former model Carole White and her brother, Chris Owen.

Premier first began as a fashion-focused agency and indeed still has an editorial board that is the envy of agencies the world over. With newest signings, Anna J and Karmen Pedaru, Premier finds itself at the top of clients’ lists when they want new modelling talent. Having also scooped Hannah Holman, Rose Cordero and Lyndsey Scott, this is an agency absolutely set on getting the best editorial talent around.
In addition to their pool of high-fashion talent, Premier has a special division. This is an array of faces from the world of entertainment, which, with Premier’s help, have crossed over into the world of fashion, with personal appearances, advertising and PR for major brands. No better example of this strategy can be found than in the career of one of Premier’s most notable signings, Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl’s meteoric rise has seemingly occurred with heady speed and meeting very little resistance. But with the fashion know-how accrued at Premier, Cheryl has graduated from girl-band to style headliner and two-times Vogue cover girl.

What Premier did was not to focus on Cheryl’s beauty (which would have been the most obvious route to take), but her charisma. A strong image in itself is not enough: if you want to stay in the limelight, you better have something to say that’s worth listening to. Cheryl’s learnt this lesson better than most: watch an episode of X Factor and she outshines everybody, and that includes the contestants. Her home-spun Geordie warmth combined with killer heels has proved downright irresistible.

Applying lessons learnt in the modelling world (eg: pro-active scouting for new talent, exploring off-shoots of opportunity), Premier have made the worlds of entertainment and fashion closer than ever before, matching in-house fashion knowledge with fiendishly-clever PR savvy.

Premier has homed in on the importance of being earnest and it’s compelling, refreshing and very, very seductive.

Faces@ Premier: Hannah Holman, Anna J, Karmen Pedaru, Lyndsey Scott, Rose Cordero, Christy Turlington, Kelly Brook, Saffron Burrows, Lisa Snowdon.
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