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Founded over 30 years ago by sisters Clare and Chrissie Castagnetti with their friend Tandy Anderson, Select has established itself as one of the leading modelling agencies in the UK.

Select holds a special place in modelling history because it was the first agency to take its search for new faces to the streets. They came up with the novel idea of not just relying on walk-ins and applications, Select invented the process of scouting. It is such a well-known process that even people who profess to know nothing about fashion, much less modelling, have heard of the phrase.
Searching the streets for someone who could be polished and turned into fashion’s next big thing was nothing short of revolutionary. Not only did it do wonders for Select, but it transformed how the modelling industry operated. Some of the most exciting finds working today have been discovered by scouts: Jourdan Dunn, Sophie Dahl, Jessica Stam and of course Kate Moss were all found far beyond the walls of an agency.

Scouting is now a quintessential part of the modelling business; the next new face can just as easily be found trawling the rails at Topshop and it has blown apart the misconception that the modelling world is a closed book.

The agency boasts signings like Liu Wen, Brooklyn Decker, supermodel Natasha Poly and modelling wunderkind, Jacquelyn Jablonski. Its high-fashion board has some of the world’s best models, including newer stars like Daria Strokous and Erin Heatherton. Select’s ability to cherry-pick talent is down to its very clear vision about what is current. To ensure any agency’s survival at the moment, no skill is more vital.

Select’s willingness to open the doors of the fashion industry has resulted in a body of talent that’s pushing fashion to be bigger, better and more crucially, more inclusive. Earlier this year, when Prada sent Victoria’s Secret models down its runway, it created a stir that was positively seismic. Widening the search for new talent has broadened fashion’s horizons and has challenged it to redefine what makes it tick. Select’s unique process of finding faces has ensured not only fashion’s survival, but its evolution.

Faces@Select: Brooklyn Decker, Daria Strokous, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Liu Wen, Natasha Poly, Stella Tennant, Nina Porter, Maria Carla, Camilla Rutherford and Erin Heatherton.
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