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UK Modelling Agencies 

Top model agencies review.

Discover best model agencies, our guide will give you better understanding of industry.


FM Models

FM agency was established in the 1960’s, by Laurie Kuhrt and Freddie Laughton. With over 40 years’ experience at managing models’ careers and meeting the needs of clients, FM has carved a niche for itself in the modelling industry as a large agency with an attention to detail, a quality normally reserved for smaller firms. more about FM  Models




Founded in 1968, Models 1 – today one of the largest agencies in Europe – started with just three models on its books. more about Models 1




Founded in 1970, Nevs is a modern agency that prides itself on a timeless approach to client and model management. more about Nevs Models




Premier Models was founded over 25 years ago by former model Carole White and her brother, Chris Owen. more about Premier Models




Founded over 30 years ago by sisters Clare and Chrissie Castagnetti with their friend Tandy Anderson, Select has established itself as one of the leading modelling agencies in the UK. more about Select Models




Originally founded by Sarah Doukas in 1987, Storm has become a formidable presence in the modelling industry starting from very modest roots. Doukas was a former agency worker who decided to go it alone and set up her own agency from a house in Battersea. more about Storm Models



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Top Model Agencies
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