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Can you be a model? - simply register with us and get your free model evaluation!Finding a modelling agency is simply indispensable to a prospective model’s career. It is impossible to function in the modelling world without one. An agency will search for work on your behalf, promote you to clients, and work with you to build a hopefully long-lasting and fruitful career. In what is one of the toughest industries to break into, having a good agent is half the battle won. 

An agent will be tuned into the latest opportunities within your sector of the industry. In addition to sending you on castings or ‘go-sees’, they will make calls to would-be clients on your behalf, barter terms and conditions of assignments and get you the best possible fee.

The agency works for you, but ultimately what you have to remember is, when you do well, they do well. Legitimate modelling agencies will not charge you any signing up or casting fees. When you have signed up to an agency, any assignment you successfully book will result in them scooping a percentage of your total fee, and that is how modelling agencies make their money. Therefore, it is in their interests (as well as yours) to keep you visible and busy.

This is just a small selection of successful aspiring models, we helped them to get there!


When you first sign to an agency

it is important to bear in mind that they may have suggestions as to how you can improve your look. Don’t be offended – yes, they loved your look enough to take you on in the first place, but there is always room for improvement in the world of modelling . These people know their particular market inside out, and know what will sell, and what won’t.

If they make suggestions on how to build upon your existing image, take that advice. Usually, your agency will foot the bill for any major work (eg: dental procedures) and then claw back those costs once you start booking jobs.
Starting off, you will need a set of Z-cards (also known as comp cards: these are a model’s version of a business card which you will hand to clients at castings) and a fledgling portfolio. Again, the agency will guide you through this process as it is their interests that you go out into the world as well-prepared as possible. They will also provide practical advice on how to interact with clients and photographers. If you are in the high fashion / editorial end of the industry, they can also plug any gap in your skills base, in terms of runway walking and learning how to negotiate a photo-shoot. There is no substitute for experience, but as everyone has to start somewhere, the agency’s role is to prepare their models so they are able to begin work as soon as possible. 

In short, a modelling agency is your representative, but it is a relationship that goes both ways: your agent may be your representative, but you in turn are representing your agency every time you go out on a casting or an assignment. It is therefore crucial to be polite, professional and on time. Negative feedback travels fast, and if you make a habit of being difficult to work with, your agency will struggle to find you any work at all. The modelling business is over-populated as it is, and if you aren’t able to work in a professional manner, there will always be plenty of models snapping at your heels and willing to take advantage of an opportunity. 

The flip side to this coin is that if you do conduct yourself professionally, this doesn’t result in gossip: it results in bookings, and that makes everybody happy. Therefore, it is in your best interests to form a strong working bond with your agency – stay focused and communicative. A modelling career, however short-lived, is still a career and keeping an eye on where you want to go within the industry is extremely important. Keeping your agency in the loop will ensure that they are on your side. Work together with them and you will reap the benefits for many years to come. 

Models Connect offers you a comprehensive starter guide on the role of modelling agencies , what they can do for you, what to look out for and what to avoid. 

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