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Can you be a model? - simply register with us and get your free model evaluation!There are a number of online modelling agencies on the web, and their popularity is growing. But, when looking for representation, it is important to realise that the role of an online modelling agency is very different to that of a traditional agency.

The key role of an online modelling agency is to primarily house portfolios. They provide online space for you to display your photos on the internet. This will then create your very own e-portfolio. It is crucial to be aware of the fact that, unlike other modelling agencies , they do not actively seek out work for you, or should they pretend to: this is not the remit of an online modelling agency.


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They usually offer a basic portfolio space on their website for no cost, and if you want something a little more sophisticated, be prepared to pay a small fee for running costs. This is a legitimate expense, as the more involved a person’s e-portfolio is, the more space and upkeep it requires.

The benefit of using this type of agency is that your photos will be seen globally. Your work can be viewed by interested parties from around the world, thus maximising your earning potential. But be warned, it is only potential. Online modelling agencies do not offer any of the other services routinely featured by more traditional agencies – do not confuse the two, or risk disappointment.

However, there are some similarities to bear in mind when shopping for an online agency. As with normal agencies, NEVER sign up to any agency that promises you work. No agency, however prolific, can promise a model work. The industry is notoriously fickle and work fluctuates at all levels. There is no such thing as a guarantee of work, and no legitimate agency (online or otherwise) will promise you this.

When choosing an online agency, look at the e-portfolios of other models on the website. Do their photos suggest that this model aspires to be in the same sector as you? That’s a good sign. Always try to match yourself to an agency’s existing book of models – you are far more likely to get work this way than trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole. Also, if the agency seems clearly focused, this is also good news as prospective clients will be more inclined to scout the better-developed sites for more talent than the ones that are clumsily managed.

Whatever you do, avoid the sites where portfolios are populated with poor-quality photos. If an aspiring model can’t be bothered to do their homework and take photos that are in line with what agencies and clients actually want, then keeping company with them will do you no favours whatsoever.
Beware of any models posing with parasols or staring winsomely off-camera. This is the handiwork of a makeover shoot (see the Models Connect advice page on the differences between a makeover and portfolio shoot ). Any reputable client will never contemplate a model’s portfolio which features parasols, beach balls or a glamour shot of them wrapped in a feather boa. Follow Models Connect for guidelines on how to shoot suitable photos for a portfolio. It is a far simpler process than many seem to think, and far less expensive than going to a makeover studio. When in doubt, keep your portfolio shots simple, direct and uncluttered. Remember the parasol rule and you’ll not go far wrong.

Keeping your expectations in line is another thing to remember when posting your shots to an online agency. They cannot actively seek clients for you, but rather the clients will visit the website to see if there’s anyone there that meets their specifications. It is a long shot, but something worth doing if you are serious about securing a foothold in the industry.

Stay alert, avoid anyone promising you the earth and keep away from those parasols!

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