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Men’s Fashion on the Runways

Like high fashion for women, menswear lines on the runway can seem far-and-away from what real life men’s fashion is like. Even the most metrosexual men may not even know what they would like to see in fashion this season.

The catwalk can seem almost-circus like with the odd ensembles put together for the male models to strut.  Leather dresses, nipple revealing crop-tops and strange man make-up can all make male fashion seem more dream (or nightmare) like rather than something the average man can incorporate into his daily wardrobe.  But, the gap between the bold strangeness of male high fashion and real life clothing may not be as big as you perceive it to be.

Jason Basmajian, Creative Director for Gieves & Hawkes talks about how many of the high-life pieces that are presented by designers are meant to build on the fashion you might already have in your wardrobe, rather than working to turn you into a daily tuxedo or smoking-jacket wearing chap.  Quality and style are what it’s all about.  You might not pair that handsome wool blazer with a leather, long-cut skirt, as you might see it on the runway, but take the pieces as separates, which in many cases, is what they are.  The textures, colors, and cuts of each piece are meant to add to any man’s wardrobe and give him a sense of quality style.  Taking fashion from the catwalks as-is would never work for anyone’s wardrobe.  But many pieces can walk right from the runway and into the office or onto the streets.

The trick is for men to embrace taking the pieces that you might deem as “Sunday” best or more formal than everyday and pair them with less formal pieces.  Experimenting is how fashion is born.  It may seem like an odd pairing at first, however the more daring you become, the easier it will be to make those fashionable pairs.  The issue is that the average man might see photos of a recent fashion show and just see silliness rather than feeling he might be able to experiment with some of the individual pieces.  In addition, even the idea of separating a well-made suit to create new and sophisticated outfits might seem like blasphemy.  A well-tailored suit looks handsome on any man, but breaking it up and adding something different (like a great bomber jacket) sends a man on his way to male fashionista.  

Casely-Hayford, a London-based father-son team, has considered the importance of a well-made suit by creating a stunning suit jacket out of a light-weight experimental fabric just to see how far they can push it.  The fabric excites the geeky tech in any man, as it is made to form to your frame.

The most positive thing regarding men’s fashion is that top designers are choosing fabrics, cuts and designs that withstand the test of time rather than considering the latest trend.  Good pieces will always be in style, fashion is all about what you pair it with.


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