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Pictures ar one of the most important things when applying for a model agency. The agencies need to see Your face and body shoot in a clean and professional way.

That is why when creating Your prifle at Models Connect is imperative that You follow some basic rules.

If You do not have polaroids or professional portfolio pictures do not upload images from Your personal archive.

Your profile at Models Connect works as an online portfolio and agencies will not look at Your pictures if they are not clear. Blurred pictures; pictures taken at clubs or bars; pictures with You and friends are just some examples of photos You should NEVER use.

If You are free member please upload 2 Polaroids or professional pictures (NOT MAKEOVER) as your face and body shoot.

How to take a good polaroid How to measure yourself properly Which pictures we do not accept

Taking a good Polaroid will benefit you and the agencies that you apply to, and will only take less than few minutes to do.

Remember that the reason behind our very particular requirements and detailed questions about yourself, is that the agencies seek and need this information, and they only use our website because it gives them all of your details organized clearly, conveniently and up to their standards.

Polaroid's can come in a set of 4 different poses:

Proper polaroids

Essential guide-lines to making the best Polaroid shots;

1. You must get assistance in taking your photos. It is something you cannot do on your own.

2. Make sure that you that you shoot your Polaroid's behind a plain background.

3. Be near natural soft light settings, do not be in close to direct sunlight as this may dazzle the photo shot itself and make it look blurry

4. In each Polaroid shot you must keep a straight face. No facial expressions.

5. Stand with your arms casually at your side and body straight, looking directly into the camera in front of you. Ensure you also have a facial close up taken of you in this angle. Next turn 90 degrees in both direction and present a complete profile view to the camera. Again, also get a facial close up of this position.

6. For your full-body shot wear either a 2 piece bathing suit or under-wear so that we can view your whole body structure make sure that you are facing front ways.

7. If you have long hair take one shot with your hair in a pony-tail so that we can see your full facial structure and a second shot with your out out.

8. Finally your polaroids must be shot with the correct light. If you do not have access to any Adobe Photoshop you can sign up for a free 30 day trail with Adobe Elements, here you can crop your image, change the colour contrast etc.


If you are facing problems when uploading your pictures it must be for one of the following reasons:

1. You picture is too big: We just accept pictures up to 6 Mb. If you don't know the size of your picture, click in it with the right button of your mouse and go to properties. There you will be able to see the size. Make sure that you also check the resolution. If it is more than 300x300 pixels we can not accept it.

2. Your have your picture in a different type of file: Save your picture as JPEG or GIF before uploading them. We don not accept any other type of file.

How to re-size you picture:
To re-size your pictures you will need an image editing software. If you do not have access to any you can sign up for a free 30 day trial with Adobe Elements. With Adobe Elements you can re-size or crop your image, change the colour or contrast and save your images as JPG or GIF.

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