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"If it wasn't for the Models Connect team - especially Faisal Bajwa, I would not know the first thing about modelling. Having been told I should give modelling a go, I never would've have thought I could do so well, so quickly. Models Connect presented me with the chance to experience my first ever photo shoot which instantly gives you a taste of how to act in front of a camera. Models Connect were extremely patient with my every question and continuous want for more and more advice, Faisal Bajwa explained to me which agencies I should apply to as well as how and furthermore explained to me how I present myself when meeting agencies. It took little time to find the right agency for me and now I am happily signed with Strike - I have also been lucky enough to see the inside of some of the country's best agencies. I couldn't be more grateful for the beginners help I received and would recommend the process taken by Models Connect to any aspiring models who are unsure of how to pursue a career in modelling. Thanks!"
Adam Mace
"My daughter Tia and I contacted Models Connect by filling in the details and sending pictures to the website. We were and still are advised by Faisal who has been so helpful in answering our questions and giving us very useful information. We feel that he and the team are at the end of the phone at any time. Not long after making contact we were off to Spot Studio to do Tia's photo shoot which she enjoyed immensely, we were so well looked after they gave us good advice and we left feeling that she has a great future ahead of her. They were very honest and we will keep in touch, as they want to know how she is getting on. Two weeks after getting Tia's portfolio and applying to numerous agencies BMA models called to say they want Tia to join their agency; we can not believe how quick it has all happened. Thanks guys for your continuing support we could not do this without you "
Janet Campbell
"My daughter Elizabeth has always dreamed of becoming a model, however we have no prior experience of the modelling industry and therefore had no idea how to go about it. Models Connect have been fantastic, especially Faisal. I was very sceptical initially and Faisal explained things brilliantly, spending a long time answering all of my questions. It is very reassuring that we can ring him if we need any further advice. Models Connect arranged for us to go to Spot Studio to have Elizabeth's portfolio pictures taken. They were wonderful - everyone made us feel very welcome and she really enjoyed the day. We uploaded Elizabeth's photos one week ago and she has already been approached by two agencies. "
Natalie and Elizabeth Daniels
"Models Connect was highly recommended to me by a friend who had heard of my disastrous attempts to enter the modelling world. Within 24 hours of applying to Models Connect, I was talking on the phone to Faisal, their head booker. He asked several questions regarding my experience so far and when I relayed it to him, he promptly gave me the right advice about my portfolio and was able to tell me what sector of the industry I’d be most suited for. I found this information so helpful and it did help to dispel the fears and trepidation I’d felt when approaching the various agencies. I was asked to send in my photos so an online profile could be built for me allowing me to enter my statistics. He suggested I take some natural, everyday photos to add to my online portfolio. He also suggested I include photos I’d had taken with my daughter as it showed my personality in a more positive, happy, playful and approachable light. My online gallery was complete. This time round I felt more confident when sending out my images to the various agencies as I’d been told how agencies viewed my applications, and which aspects of the application process would be deemed a waste of time for them. I was taught the proper style of record keeping so I’d known who I’d sent applications to, then when they contacted me I’d know what they were referring to. Within 2 weeks of being with Models Connect, I’ve now been signed to BMA Models along with my daughter. The positive feedback I was given from BMA Models all related to the invaluable advice and guidance I’d been given by Faisal. His knowledge of the industry is like gold dust, so valuable. I am so blessed to be a member of Models Connect and I look forward to a great career with them. In an industry where thousands of applicants will risk much to advance their career, Models Connect is the real deal and definitely the right way forward to a brighter, richer career. They have given me the right directions every step of the way and it’s great to know that more help is only a phone call or e-mail away. Thank you team Models Connect!!! "
Dewell Flama
"Very grateful thanks to whole wonderful team of Models Connect and to Martin Cook personally for his interest in me, trust, support, attention, patience, and advice, for all the work that was done to help me to break through the fashion industry. My account was activated yesterday and today, thanks to Martin, I had already passed an interview and got invitations to join CKMM and Evolution Model Managemet. And all that happened because I was really lucky to met Models Connect and Martin, since then I have been always given all the necessary assistance and right professional advice. Many thanks to SpotStudio and Sebastian who worked so creatively to build my portfolio, it was a pleasure to work with them."
Katerina Perepech

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[img] "If it wasn't for the Models Connect team - especially Faisal Bajwa, I would not know the first thing about modelling..."
Adam Mace
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