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"The Models Connect team has a great eye for models. We've discovered 3 great faces since we started working with Models Connect and will be on the look out for more"
Confidence Model Management Ltd
"BIG THANK YOU to the members of Models Connect Team for pushing me in achieving goals and succeeding, never having thoughts of it, never believing. Currently I am being put down on modelling websites, getting around people,being advertised, I get great opportunity of getting jobs, connecting with professionals, who are there to help me in making right steps, and choices, so I won't fall, but my career will grow in ongoing process. I know I am in good hands, people I can trust, so Happy I Started with You, experienced and learned a lot, have done fantastic portfolio and now it’s my time to be paid off. ;))))) WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU, ESPECIALLY MY 'GUARDIAN' MARTIN, WHO HELPED ME SINCE VERY BEGINNING, GIVING HOPE I NEVER HAD. THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME LOVE, WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT I WOULDN’T BE STANDING, WHERE I AM STANDING NOW. XXXXXXXXXXX"
Anna Lagoda
"I just wanted to say to you guys thank you for the time and effort you put in to helping other models out, especially Jonathan, for which I can say I have never met anyone in the industry who is so helpful and trustworthy, it still surprises me now. After only signed up to the site for a few weeks now I have had a dozen or so views from agencies which is great and it's still early days yet. Very thankful for Jonathan for passing on my photos to his agent at Evolution Management, I then contacted them to arrange a meeting and was instantly signed up, then straight from there to a casting in a matter of hours, very shocked how quick it was. To anyone still debating about the idea if the site is legit or not and having to pay out money of your own to be featured on site, I can say it's very worthwhile, for getting excellent advice on anything and just checking the forums on other models queries. I believe I can always call the team for just a quick catch up or just a general chat and leave smiling, so thanks again and I hope I'll be working with you soon Jonathan ;) "
Andy Bradley
"I found Models Connect to be a great source of information and power in becoming a Model. They helped me complete what was missing from my portfolio, giving me the guidance and feedback I needed to progress. The Spot Studio took some fantastic pictures and I have just signed up to a top commercial agency. The staff always have time for you and genuinely care about my progress in my career. Thanks to Faisal for guiding me in the right direction."
Stefano Chiriaco
"A big “Thank You!” to the Models Connect team, especially Martin Cook! It has to be said though that Martin and I weren’t always on the best of terms… When he first called me I gave off the impression that I couldn’t care less if I became a model, so he told me to go elsewhere! (For some odd reason I respected him more because of that). I thought about it for a while and I knew I really did want to try out modelling! So I called him back after a couple of days and told him that I was all in. Luckily He was gracious enough to give me a second chance! Within two weeks of that I was having my photo shoot with the Spot Studio team who were very friendly and helpful especially Carlos and Sebastian. After I received my pictures, Martin proceeded to help me get onboard with an agency which I am now signed with (EvOLUTION Management). Martin is a very caring, friendly and funny guy. Not only does he have a great personality, but if I were to review him as a booker I’d give him 5 stars… and a “thumbs up” for good measure. Cheers mate!"
Drew D

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[img] "If it wasn't for the Models Connect team - especially Faisal Bajwa, I would not know the first thing about modelling..."
Adam Mace
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